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 Here are what a few of our clients have to say about us...
New Zealand Testimonials - Brightest Glow NEW ZEALAND
Letter from our Mayor
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the speedy dispatch of the pigment I ordered a couple of days ago. Again congragulations and I look forward to buying more product on completion of my tests."
- Steve
"Thank you we did receive it this morning. We have used it already!"
- Paul
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the speedy dispatch of the pigment I ordered a couple of days ago. Also I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on board the feedback I supplied regarding the freight charges I was being charged. It is truly refreshing to see a company respond to feedback this way and you must be congratulated. The extra pigment is very much appreciated and will allow me to conduct further tests to see if it is suitable to my requirements. I believe if people are going to complain about a service they should be just as quick to congratulate when a company goes above and beyond what they should have done to rectify. Again congratulations and I look forward to buying more products on completion of my tests."
- Steve
"The powder arrived and we have trialed it, with great results. Thank you very much."
- Ilycia
"Hi there, thank you the shipment has arrived, what a great product!"
- Carlin
"Thank-you for your email and thank-you for your help."
- Angela
"Appreciate the update very much, we look forward to receiving first shipment early next week, and tracking details in due course."
- Rod
"This is fabulous, thank you so much. It means a lot to me and I'm so exciting about the whole project. I'm so looking forward to experimenting with glow!!"

"Just want to let you know that the sample has arrived. Thank you so much!"
- Andrea
United Kingdom Testimonials - Brightest Glow UNITED KINGDOM
"Excellent service!"
- Charles
"Thanks for your email. You shipped it on Monday, and I had it by Wednesday. That's what I call fast! I got a chance to use it for the first time today. It works very well for my application: screen printing watch dials using a fine mesh. The finer pigment means that the particles are more evenly distributed, and I don't clog the screen."
- Bob
"I hope to hear from you soon, and compliment you on the professional presentation of the samples which I received recently."

"I look forward to hearing from you very soon and thank you for your excellent customer service throughout."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank GloTech once again for their outstanding customer service and continuing good will to date."

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your excellent customer service and continued support of this project."

"I would like to add that up to this point I would still hold your company in very high regard and would recommend your products and services professionally to others seeking to use photoluminescence in more appropriate applications. I look forward to receiving news your decision soon, as much is depending on its outcome."

"Finally I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service in accommodating our request."
- Alice
"As far as i myself am concerned i will very happily recommend your company for their high level of customer care, to anyone inquiring about the nature of the product on display in the shows."
- Matthew
"This formula gave me a paint with the perfect consistency for cosmic ceilings and I am pleased to say gave a much brighter glow and lasted much longer than any paint I have purchased from other a long way! As I said, I am amazed with the performance of the powders I have already so am looking forward to purchasing the next particle size up, which I am sure will blow me away and hopefully give me a fantastic business. I think I have looked at just about every "cosmic ceiling" website there is, and the effects that I have already achieved put 99% of them to shame! With the free samples you so very kindly offered, they will all be blown away I'm sure. In return for your generous offer I will send you some photo's of my work, which I'm sure you would love to use on your website and hopefully it will generate you some new business, maybe you will start mixing "cosmic ceiling" paint yourselves! Once again, thank you so much for your help and I will let you know the results I achieve."
- Philip
"You were so helpful with me a year or so ago, I have been busy spreading word of your fine goods."
- Matt
"Once again many thanks for your prompt reply and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience."
- John
Austria Testimonials - Brightest Glow AUSTRIA
"Searching in the internet for photoluminescent products to let swimming pools and bath tubs glow in the dark, I found your homepage. And what you offer is just what we were searching for."
- Julia
"Thank u very much. The paint is here. I`m wondering very much about this quickness. Perfect. Thank's also about these nice gifts. My son is happy, because in his room there it`s glowing. ;-) If my job is done, and my car is glowing also you`ll get some pics. Thank`s once more for this good service. Maybe i have to paint some glow effects for someone other and then i know where I'll order. Have a good time!"
- Chris
Holland Testimonials - Brightest Glow HOLLAND
"Dear Glotech International, First of all thank you for existing! Second, in my search for the highest grade of photoluminescent pigment for a big project, i am starting to believe that you really do offer what i am searching for."
- Toufic
"It was a pleasure to have you on the phone. We thank you for the prompt response and great feedback!"

"Dear Glotech, thank you for your quick reply and great service, this is one of the reasons I prefer you as our supplier."

"Thank you for your excellent products and outstanding service. I definitly prefer you as my supplier and i am confident you will be so for a long time. Again thank you for your quick action and great service!"
- Ilan
Spain Testimonials - Brightest Glow SPAIN
"Benas tardes ya me llego mi paquete muchas gracias!"
- Martha
Croatia Testimonials - Brightest Glow CROATIA
"Thank you for your answer, help and understanding. The show went great, we have received many inquiries. I also want to thank you for dispatching the product. We are very excited to receive it and continue with our research. Will keep you posted on the progress we are making. Wish you a great week!"
- Peter
United States Testimonials - Brightest Glow UNITED STATES
"I'm a big fan of your glow powders, and have used them for many projects."
"Dear Glotech, we received our order and did a comparison against a few other glow pigment suppliers and noticed that your Ocean 8900 had the brightest and longest glow of all materials tested."
- Steven
"GloTech strikes me as a company proud to innovate and to embrace the darkness for the creative potential it holds."

"I have received the samples! They are impressively bright once charged!"
- Matt
"We think the product is amazing!"
- Barry
"Thank you for your swift and thorough response! I will definitely be doing business with GloTech thanks to you. I'm sure I'll have questions in the future as my business grows."
- Jonathan
"Thank you so much for your email! If i may say your service is A1. Once again thank you so much for your fantastic service, its a pleasure."

"Wow! You are fantastic!"
- Bradley
"Excellent information, thank you for your assistance."
- Kirk
"Thank you for your swift and thorough response! I will definitely be doing business with GloTech thanks to you. I'm sure I'll have questions in the future as my business grows."
- Peggy
"That answered my question perfectly and then some! Thank you for your help and detailed information."
- Sean
"Thank You for your quick response!"
- Gary
"Wonderful, thank you very much!"
- Jen
"Thank you so much for all your help, hard work and wonderful advice. I really need to say that your service is A1, thank you , thank you please try keep it up."
- Bradley
"Thank you very kindly for you timely response, you gave me all the information I needed and calmed my concerns. I was not aware you are located in New Zealand and apologize for my impatience! I am just very excited to start learning to make photoluminescent inlays in my wood work! I will await your products arrival. Thank you and well wishes from California, USA!"
- Aaron
"Order was received, thank you! This stuff is amazing, will be sure to leave positive feedback on your site. Thanks!"

"Thank you for your response and I look forward to being a repeat buyer of your wonderful product!"
- Joshua
"Thank you very much for your time and knowledge on this matter. I am looking forward to useing your product very much."
- Grant
"Hello again, I finally recieved my order. Pigments are AWESOME!!!!! Thanks!!"
- Brendan
"Hi, I just received my first shipment of a few of your powder pigments, and I am excited to get started with them!"
- Shaun
"I have reviewed your website and found it very helpful."
- Ed
"May we say how impressed we were with your company and we have made sure that others know where we purchased our "magic" powder."
- Bob
"Hello - Thanks for the note. Yes, the pigment did arrive. We are very happy with the high quality and powerful luminosity."
- Lance
"Thanks for the great service, I am already excited to try out your product :-)"
- Nick
"I am sure the vinyl material is what I have been searching for to develop "glow in the dark" signage. Very good website! Thanx!"
- Ron
" I very much appreciate your consideration, timely and appropriate response to this matter. I look forward to continued business with your fine company in the future."
- Christopher
"I am grateful for your assistance in answering my questions."
- Tom
"Thanks for helping us get your samples."
- Peter
"Very informative site, by the way. I have found to not only have the pigments that I need, but it also seems to be filled with helpful advice for ways to make use of the pigments. (I am referring mostly to the Pigment Recipes pages.) Just wanted to say Thank You for sharing all of this useful information!"
- Dan
"I recieved my replacement shipment today via Fed Ex and your product was worth the wait. I gladly place my seal of approval on your company and products now. We will be testing your pigments further for the next week, But from what Ive seen so far.. I suspect that we will be ordering plenty more in the near future, and will contact you about wholesale bulk pricing."
- Joe
"Thank you for the message and I hope you will have a wonderful year ahead. I was only trying to use your product with my yarn craft, I really don't know how to add this to my yarn. But I did give my granddaughter a small ornament for Christmas that glows in the dark, she really enjoyed her gift. Thank you again."
- Rose
"Thank you very much. I will advise safe receipt and outcome of the tests."
- Mike
"Outstanding !!! Being able to try all of your powder pigments will really help me figure out exactly what I need... And for a very fair price !!! Thanks again..."
"I enjoyed evaluating your pigments very much and found they worked much better than other glow paints. The glow from you products lasted a long time and shined nicely. There is so much that can be done with such paint. I'm interested in helping get it out more to those who want it. I know several artists in my town who may be interested. Thank you."
- Tufani
"Hi. I've been looking at your website and your products look amazing..."
- Nick
"Thank you! I greatly appreciate your customer service. Truly a space age company. :) Blessings"
- Bonz
"Hi guys, we received the sample a few days ago, I love the product."

"Thank you so much for your help! You've been great!"

"Hi guys! I did end up using your product, purchased back in August I think. We are
still using them, they are holding up strong! We cut them down to use as table tents in our auditoriums to find people who ordered food from out kitchen. They are wonderful! Thanks for checking in! Enjoy the holidays!"
- Erin
"Wow. You guys are good! We just received the vinyl material and it is amazing stuff."
- James
"Thank you for you email tha information you have been providing has been indeed very helpfull we'll be in touch."
- Daniel
"Excellent & Thank You!"
- Bob
"We truly appreciate your effort within attempting to accommodate our needs."
- Joseph
"Thank you so much for sending in the needed information."
- Rhonda
"Thank you so much!"
- Susan
"I received the samples you sent and am really appreciative."
- Julianne
"Thanks so much for your help."
- Kim
"Good day! I received my order, thank you as it arrived sooner than expected."
- Leigh
"Hi. I am still evaluating some materials for a product I would like to create. I'm hoping to place a small order soon so that we can do some testing. Thanks for following up."
- Nick
"Hello, I didn't forget you, I will be considering your products for my applications in the summer time. Thanks for checking in."
- Dean
"Thanks again. You are very always very helpful."
- Nick
"Thank you very much for your help in deciding the best pigment option for my application and I have decided to try your pigments. I look forward to trying your products. Thanks!"
- Ken
"Please notify me as soon as they actually are shipped, and an estimate of when they should arrive here. Thanks alot, you guys have the best Photoluminescent Pigments anywhere!"
- James
"Thank you again for prompt response to my inquiries. With your advice in hand, I shall order both for our testing. Thank you again, order to follow. "
- Ted
"I received my order today and I just wanted to say these products are fantastic! They mix better in my polyurethane resin than other glow powders I've tried (no settling!), and the brightness is the best I've seen so far. I'm using them to make glow in the dark doll and action figure accessories, and it works like a dream. Thank you!"
- Adam
"Hello again. I thought I would let you know that we've done some tests using your materials and we have been very impressed with the performance of your products. Thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day."
- Nick
"You actions are appreciated. So thank you very much! I'm a little remiss in letting you know I got the products in my order. They are just great! For the lures I make they are perfect. I do use a one-step sealer wit UV enhancing properties. The effect is spectacular. I'm recommending your products to all my friends and fellow lure makers. Thank you for being so responsive to my needs, You are a 4 star company to do business with, that's my higest rating. "
- Dave
"My compliments on your well designed, informative and user-friendly web-site. Thank you for your assistance."
- Ted
"I found your web site to be interesting and informative since I am new to this."
- Brian
"Although I have done so previously, I again compliment your firm on your web-site, its quality, usability, information covered. Thanking you in advance for your attention and advice/directions."
- Ted
"Thank you!"
- Peter
"Thank you very much for your prompt response and service, it means the world to me that there's still companies with good responsive customer service."
- Ben
"Thanks for your great service."
- Nick
"Congratulations on your great web site. Hope to hear from you soon."
- Vladimir
"Made it to post office and it was there... yaaaa Thx so much!"
- Deanna
"Thank you very much for the quick response, and thank you for the update."
- Logan
"I recently purchased 100gms of your GT8700 to sample and see if it met my needs. I was very impressed upon the initial results."
- David
"Hello how are you! I recently purchased the GT8500 pigment and am impressed beyond reason."
- Jessica
"Once again thank you for your impeccable service. I would still really like to stay with your company as I know the products are of a great quality and the customer service is also exemplary."
- Nick
China Testimonials - Brightest Glow CHINA
"Thanks a lot for your kind reply. We wish you a prosperous business!"
- Eliane
Sweden Testimonials - Brightest Glow SWEDEN
"I will keep you informed of the outcome of our further tests and I can say to you as of now that Glotech's pigment is our first choice when considering the effectivity and quality of luminiscent pigment."
- Melodia
Denmark Testimonials - Brightest Glow DENMARK
"Dear GloTech, thank you so much for the help. I have been really happy to have the opputunaty to work with your glow in the dark pigment. And your prices are right as well. I have made a youtube video while making the table bench with glow in the dark river. You are very welcome to showcase the video!"
- Klaus
Norway Testimonials - Brightest Glow NORWAY
"Hi GlowStop! Thank you for your swift handling of my last order, the merchandise arrived very fast after I placed the order."
- Anne
Belgium Testimonials - Brightest Glow BELGIUM
"Hi, the requested powders arrived a few days ago. Thanks again for the fast shipping."
- Jonas
Germany Testimonials - Brightest Glow GERMANY
"Hi friends, thank you for offering small portions in your online-shop! Pretty nice."
- Ruben
"Yes I'm very pleased with your product and look forward to giving you further business in the future. My initial purchase was for experimenting to see what I could do with them, now I am laying the ground work for larger projects. I will continue purchasing from you whenever I need photo-luminescent pigments. Thanks for a great product and service."
- Justin
"Thank you so much for your help, for sure i will send you some pictures from my test pieces."
- Marie-Luise
Turkey Testimonials - Brightest Glow TURKEY
"I have received my order and I am very pleased with it."
- Fikret
"I have just received my order and I am glad to get these items such a short time. Thank you very much for the cooperation."
- Firat
"Thank you for your kind follow up email."
- Mesut
Argentina Testimonials - Brightest Glow ARGENTINA
"The tests it was successful, we will present our products to our clients, with this pigment.
We will be kept in touch with you. Your products is excellent."
- José
South Africa Testimonials - Brightest Glow SOUTH AFRICA
"First of all, thank you for your excellent service. My plastic injection molding project went ahead as scheduled and the pigments you supplied me were brilliant."
- Craig
"Thank you for your interest in my enquiry, I`m still in the process to gather information and will be in contact as soon as possible."
- Jacobus
"Thank you for your quick response and for the information supplied."
- Danie
"Good day, we have received our order and are extremely impressed with the quality of your products. We are highly impressed with your product and have been able to produce satisfactory results in our tests. We have made a prototype for a client who seems to be very interested. Thank you very much for the great service and we look forward to
"seeing" you in the new year."
- Kim
"Hi, thanks so much for this! Can't wait to receive the pigments!"
- Craig
"I would also like to say thank you for your quick and efficient turn around time and the wonderful quality of your product."
- Bruce
Switzerland Testimonials - Brightest Glow SWITZERLAND
"Hello,we have received the fed-ex Parcel - thank you very much. We love this material and we like to get more in other colors. Thanks a lot for your great help and many greetings from Switzerland."
- Andreas
Ireland Testimonials - Brightest Glow IRELAND
"Thank you once again for you very helpful advice and excellent customer service...Thank you again for your excellent customer service."
- Alice
Phillipines Testimonials - Brightest Glow PHILLIPINES
"We've received it and thank you so much for your assistance on this order. Btw, I'd like to thank you for your consistent timely update and reply to my inquiries, your pre-sales and after sales support is really outstanding! Keep up the good work."
- Derrick
Indonesia Testimonials - Brightest Glow INDONESIA
I just want to tell the package from you finally arrive thank you so much."
- Surya
Latvia Testimonials - Brightest Glow LATVIA
"Hello, I have received your product, and it's great! Thank you very much!"
- Inga
Slovenia Testimonials - Brightest Glow SLOVENIA
"Hello, couple of weeks ago I've purchased some pigments from you, and I must say that I am a happy customer."
- Jure
Slovak Republic Testimonials - Brightest Glow SLOVAK REPUBLIC
"The sample was delivered to me just a couple of days ago. Thank you. As for the product itself: I can honestly state that the sample of GT8700T I've received is the brightest stuff I have ever tested in this field. I'll make sure my client will get to know where this outstanding pigment comes from."
- Miroslav
Canada Testimonials - Brightest Glow CANADA
"Hello there, love how informative your website is!"
- Leigh
"Thank you very much for the good service."
- Marc
"We are indeed considering GloTech as the material supplier for our light strip going forward. Happy Holidays."
- Otto
Australia Testimonials - Brightest Glow AUSTRALIA
"Thanks again for all your help. It's great to get personal advice from a company. Very rare and much appreciated!"
- Michaela
"Please accept this invitation to my latest solo exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. The artworks have been produced using pigments purchased from your company. Kind regards and many thanks for your help."
- Alex
"Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my goods. Thank you very much. Your service was fantastic. I am very impressed with the short time it took to ship the product as well as your customer service skills :)"
- Alana
"Thank you for your good service and follow-ups. Thanking you and best regards."
- Paul
"Thank you for replying so quickly...I would really like to thank you very much! My order arrived today...I would like to thank you for all your help and assistance I do look forward to future business. Thanks for all your help. "
- Michael
"I've just received the package I ordered. Perhaps I was a little quick off the mark to write to you guys. No need to send the product again. Thanks for your great customer service."
- Joe
"Thank you, am using your propucts as we speek, and will be ordering more next year."
- Trevor
"Hi, just wanted to say thank you for the fast service. Our product arrived the other day and we are very happy with the quality of it. We will be a repeat customer."
- Jennifer
"Thanks guys, I have already applied it as to your specs and looks excellent. We can see a lot of applications for your product."
- Tim
"Thank you for your quick response, yes that sounds like the stuff I need. I will go on your website now and order some. Thanks for your help."
- Mardi
Greece Testimonials - Brightest Glow GREECE
"Rating: Excellent, Price Rating:Excellent, Shipping Options Rating:Excellent, Delivery Rating:Excellent, Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent, Customer Service Rating:Excellent. The service it is excellent indeed. Except the order I received a bundle of samples and helpfull information on how to do it. The quality of the products is excellent."
- Demos

"I've been using your pigments successfully in cast plastics, but I'd now like to experiment with your high temperature pigments in ceramics and ceramic glazes."
- Guy
Oman Testimonials - Brightest Glow OMAN
"Thank you so much for your time and prompt response."
- Raed
Israel Testimonials - Brightest Glow ISRAEL
"I used your product in my lighting and I intend to use it in other ideas of mine. I even made a second order and continue developing more lamps. It is a very good product and you give me the best service. Thank you very much and we will continue working together."
- Limor
Nigeria Testimonials - Brightest Glow NIGERIA
"I received your mail with great hope and enthusiast, I am greatly indebted to you for your concerns of which I highly appreciated to further fosters our business partnership and human relations."
- Adeola
"I am impressed by your organization and system, am determine to trade with GloTech International.
- Vicky
France Testimonials - Brightest Glow FRANCE
"The afterglow is pure madness, I still could clearly see in my room around 11pm with that tiny 100g pack on my desk. Thanks a lot for your time and products. We could go on a long partnership after tests have been made!"

"It is a pleasure to deal with such excellent customer service."
- Nans
"Your crystals and glow film are really incredible. In fact of your engagement we will be the most visible team during the night ! Thank you very much for your help. We send you the photos when it is ready and we will keep you informed about the safety path project."
- Alexandre
"Thank you for your quick and perfect response. Thanks a lot for the excellent reply. Have a great day ahead and a big thank you for your time and effort!"

"I found out about this company while researching the web to help me find a suitable glow in the dark powder at a price which was not excessively high and yet proves to be the best glow in the dark powder. After looking through many competitor websites, I decided to stick to my gut feeling about science being greater than marketing and decided to order their product after a long exchange of emails.

I found their product to be fantastic and extremely bright as claimed.

The customer care is remarkable and extremely helpful. I did bother them with tons of questions before my purchase and their reply was highly prompt and always cheerful.They even helped with shipping issue. I could not expect a higher level of customer care for such a small purchase amount.

If you are looking to deal with a company which stands out for customer care and product quality, then do not hesitate to buy from them. Their help is exceptional even after the sales process is complete. I rate them 10/10 for customer care and equally for selling products as described. Shipping dates was also as mentioned in their website.

Highly satisfied with my experience from their top notch customer care and awesome product quality."
- Souvik
"Thank you for your fast answer!"
- Julien
India Testimonials - Brightest Glow INDIA
"I have tested your PL pigments with other companies pigments. Your company's pigment is the most brightest and long lasting one."
- Arun
"Thank you for your good service and follow-ups."
- Paul
"I have visited your website, its very nice and I want to purchase your product."
- Amrutha
United Arab Emirates Testimonials - Brightest Glow UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
"We are thankful for your support and look forward to have good business relations soon."
- Farokh
"Hi, I ordered the punk and purple pigments from your website and it works great."
- Joshua
Italy Testimonials - Brightest Glow ITALY
"We have tested your products and they work great!"
- Alessandro
"Thank you so much.I will let you know when the samples arrive. Then, as soon as I have the results I will send them to you (it should take a few months). Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness."

"I have just received an e-mail from the secretary. The package arrived this morning! Thank you very much. I will let you know the results as soon as I measure your samples."
- Anna
Singapore Testimonials - Brightest Glow SINGAPORE
"Hi, thank you so much for your help."
- Gina
Brazil Testimonials - Brightest Glow BRAZIL
"Thank you for your attention and excellent service."
- Kleber
Vietnam Testimonials - Brightest Glow VIETNAM
"Thank for your valuable advice."
- Dzung