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GT8700T Natural Premium Grade Photoluminescent Pigments - High-Temperature

Regular price $28.95 Sale's brightest and longest premium grade glow pigments are made from naturally occurring light storing rare earth-alkaline mineral crystals. They are manufactured to the highest standards, of the highest quality, toxicological harmless, free of radioactive additives and can be recharged an infinite number of times.

Product Code: GT8700T

Day Color: Greenish Yellow

Glow Color: Natural

Particle Size Category: Large

Grain Size: 45 to 85um

Mesh Size: 200 to 300

Afterglow Intensity: Extreme

Afterglow Duration: Very Long

Brightness Rating: ★★★★★

Compatibility: High-Temperature Ceramics and Glass Molding; Solvents

Incompatibility: Aqueous Solutions

Recommended Applications: High-temperature resistant sand-sized granules suitable for ceramics and glass production, and other high-temperature applications