The Brightest And Longest Glow. Anywhere.

GTRB Natural Premium Grade Photoluminescent Rigid Board

Regular price $29.95 Sale's rigid photoluminescent board is incorporated with our brightest pigments and comes in standard A4 sizes for easy use and cutting. Easy to print on, they are ideal for labels, route markers, advertising materials, road and safety signs. They need only a few minutes to charge up and will glow for over 12 hours in the dark. 

Product Code: GTRB

Day Color: Light Greenish Yellow

Glow Color: Natural

Surface Texture: Matt, non-glossy

Dimension: Approximately A4 size (290 x 217mm or 8.3 x 11.7")

Thickness: 1mm

Afterglow Intensity: Bright

Afterglow Duration: Long

Brightness Rating: ★★★★★

Complies with: UL 1994, ASTM E 2072

Recommended Applications: Tags, route markers, advertising billboards, road and safety signs